YEAH YEAH is all about creating engaging content on your behalf for your clients, customers, and prospects. We aim to develop content that makes your audience take notice and then take action. We are the anti-boring communications agency.


Business isn’t inherently fun – we all have our days. But business can be fun, and your online presence can either be stodgy and stale, or it can be unique, compelling, and better reflect who you are and how you can best connect.

The primary mission of YEAH YEAH is to make your social media experience less of a chore for you and more rewarding for your customers and prospects. 


Josh Rolph

Josh Rolph



The Yeah Yeah founder’s #1 drive is to help businesses better connect with their audience in a world where first impressions are now made online. After two decades working in politics and policy for elected officials in Washington, and then representing California farmers before the federal government, his primary job has been to communicate complex problems simply and make others look good. He is turning those talents to Yeah Yeah, helping small businesses compete in an increasingly noisy communications environment.

On Capitol Hill working for three Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, he met with thousands of interest groups – think speed dating meets policy – hearing their policy messaging and learning what was most impactful. He took what worked to California to become the leading federal policy voice for agriculture before the White House, Congress, federal agencies, and the media. Farmers credit him for preserving the top ag state’s $50 billion industry.

Josh podcasts, writes, and stays ahead of online communications trends. He helps a wide variety of businesses communicate to all walks of life, whether through a punchy tweet or the longest, most boring regulatory comment you could ever read.

Personable, easy to work with, and ready to tackle any communications project for any industry. Reach out anytime.



If you struggle to keep current on marketing trends, the words that work, and how to nail the timing of your posts, YEAH YEAH can swoop in for support. We will help you throughout all stages of the process to write copy with a flare that makes your audience stop and take action.


YEAH YEAH focuses on helping small businesses in a variety of sectors, from agriculture to interior design. But marketing principles are universal: we also get the job done for individuals, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government.


Do you need humor or drama? A riveting story or a simple product description? Video that is emotionally moving or completely silly? YEAH YEAH can write your blog post, turn it into a podcast, create video and maximize all content on the proper social media channels in the most strategic way possible.


YEAH YEAH is a brand-spankin’ new company run by Josh Rolph with the help of talented contributors.

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has created an untold number of stories for many across the globe, let the history books show that YEAH YEAH launched in March 2020. Not the best time to start a new business, but there also isn’t a more important time to enhance our level of communications with clients, customers, and prospects.

You’ve heard the expression: there is no “I” in “TEAM.” While the company is a single-person shop at the moment, Josh sees a “U” in team, as in, the true team is between YEAH YEAH and you, the client.

Hopefully you can sense some of the energy emitting from the words on this site and see that YEAH YEAH is dedicated to lighting this world on fire with a little more entertainment, story, and fun in our communications. Can’t wait to learn more about your business!

Take your social media to the next level.

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