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Your customer is a goldfish.

Or at least they might be.

There’s a hot internet debate about the modern human attention span being “possibly” lower than a goldfish’s. And if that sounded fishy to you, it sounded nothing short of deep-fried fish sticks to researchers (we’re creating a new saying here – start using it immediately). It turns out we can’t know how long a goldfish can hold attention. They are completely mum on the subject. So how can we know if their’s is longer than ours?

We can’t. But we do know that social media users are quick to swipe. We may only have mere seconds to grab their attention. So what are some fun ways to give them some engaging, snack-sized content while we have them? You know, just in case the goldfish-brain thing is right.



Only have a minute? That’s more than enough…

Sure, our (possibly) goldfish attention spans may be short, but don’t discount the immense power of the human brain. Our brains are able to register 36,000 visual messages per hour. And compared to text-only, we process that visual content faster and with less effort. Additionally, studies have shown that color improves memory recognition! So bring out all your Crayola favorites.

In addition to color and pictures, our brains love lists. They crave (and will create) order and patterns. A list does the work ahead of time for your audience, making the job of processing the text go faster.

Try it out on your own goldfish!

Try it out on your own goldfish and let know how it goes! YEAH YEAH is here to help you create that colorful, attention-grabbing content as well. Give us a call if you have a goldfish’s-attention-span* to spare.

*a few seconds, we think, we still don’t know!

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