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If you’ve been feeling like Instagram has been messing with you, you’re not alone.

Has your Instagram account’s engagement been down and you’re not really sure what’s causing it? The rules seem to be changing, which would be fine if they could at least tell you what the new rules are.

But when you search Instagram’s own creator help resources, all they give you is

It’s simple, just create engaging content!

And you’re just like, ok wow. Just wow.

It’s very decentering to feel like you used to be besties with Instagram, devotedly giving all your best content, easily reaping the social rewards, just to have it turn around and punch you right in the algorithm.

Remember this truism: hurt platforms, hurt platforms.

Darling Instagram has had to watch as little baby TikTok has risen in popularity, users, and straight up world domination leaving IG to sit back and wonder, Am I really nothing more than a virgin who can’t drive?

Well, guess what. We’re here to help you get back behind the wheel.

Try this!

Carousel posts:
Carousel posts get audiences to spend more time with your content. They can increase overall reach and potentially triple the engagement of other post types.

You can leverage the time spent on your post by using up to 10 great images. Think…

  • Before & after posts
  • Recaps of events
  • A set of reviews
  • Different ways to style or use your product

You have to give to get:
Instagram is paying attention to how your users engage with the platform, but they’re also paying attention to what YOU do.

IG will reward your efforts to reach out and engage with other accounts. So make someone’s day by throwing them a little love. Tag and comment with other accounts. Collaborate and communicate. Make a friend! It’s a win/win.

Use it or lose it:
Instagram loves it when you pretend to love, errrr actually love, errrrr at least try to USE their brilliant new ideas.

So if Instagram has a new feature, give it a whirl.

One of the more recent updates is “Collab,” which enables users to collaborate on feed posts and reels. Content creators can send collaboration invites to other IG users and create feed posts and reels together. The posts will appear in both of the creators’ Instagram feeds and will share the exact view count, like count, and comment thread.

Try some of these tricks out, and let us know how it goes! As always, we are happy to work with you and you can always leave the driving to us.

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