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We don’t know if you’ve heard but Twitter is really going through it right now.

Much like Twitter itself, the situation is a little wild and oddly political. At YEAH YEAH the closest we get to being a political organization is our desire to vote Leslie Knope into office.

So we’re going to let you get a Twitter-in-the-News primer for yourself here

In the meantime, let’s see if we can give you some top Twitter tips.

TIP #1 — It’s supposed to be fun!

Twitter is not the sales-iest site. In fact, the smallest percentage of your content should go to self-promotion. Twitter is mostly a place to connect with your customers, build your brand voice, and feel the freedom to show a little flair or be funny.

Here’s where you can expect to put your efforts.Here’s where you can expect to put your efforts.

Let’s take a look at a company in action accessing their flair.

I mean, who would have thought that Steak-Umms would emerge as one of the clearest brand voices on Twitter? Also, who would have thought that Steak-Umms still existed? In both cases, not us.

TIP #2 — Tell your story

Bio sections are always an opportunity to tell your story. Can you capture the essence of your business in an authentic, yet concise, way? Take a look at Denny’s…

Did Denny’s just… nail it? We think so. We feel a little more free to be ourselves… at Denny’s! Gimme some Moons Over My Hammy!

TIP #3 — Stalking encouraged

Research your industry, common hasthtags within your industry, and also sneak a peek at your competitors. Use that information to follow and engage with accounts that will help build your Twitter community. Do you make tiny knit hats for cats? Find your people! #hatsoncats


Heed your analytics! This will help you do more of what works and ditch the duds. Twitter provides its own analytics tool for you… But if you need an expert’s eye, look no further than…

We take this all very seriously.

Happy Tweeting!


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