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Your social media has goals, and one of those goals is to be shareable.
And one way to be shareable is to be informative.

What is informative content?

All kinds of social posts fall under the umbrella of “informative content” but the main characteristic of an informative post is that it’s a no-strings-attached offering of value to your followers.

You’re the expert in your field! And look at you! You’re incredibly generous! You will literally give this stuff away for free, and we love to see it.

The information you’re sharing lives in the universe of your industry, naturally, but it’s you temporarily diverting attention away from yourself while taking on the role of cool professor. The fedora-donning, satchel-carrying type.

Again, naturally.

Informational content:

  • Tips & tricks
  • Industry Research
  • Training
  • News & updates from your industry
  • Helpful resources

Formats of informational content:

  • Infographics that break things down simply
  • Videos that teach or train
  • Blog posts
  • Links to articles or websites, a piece of content from another source that you found interesting with a “Loved this! Thought we’d share!”


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