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Know someone who needs a social media strategy for 2022? Social media can help connect with existing customers, reach new ones, and improve branding. Reach out for a customized 2022 Social Media Growth Strategyto kick off the new year! That feeling when…

Which feels special simply because of the double digits. In honor of our 10th issue, we are taking a look back to a golden era in social media – way back to the 2010s when lists and FarmVille were all the rage. All the social platforms that we now know so well were just starting to emerge or grow in real ways. Facebook had just transitioned us from The Wall to The Timeline. Twitter gave us only 140 characters and a star instead of a heart to show our love. And Instagram had us all filtering our photos into the glorious haziness of a double rainbow.

The way businesses used social media in the 2010s was also changing. On Facebook, Business Pages and advertising were available as early as 2007, but they really exploded in the 2010s. And over on Instagram, a little thing called “influencers” started taking off in earnest around 2012.

Social media has changed a lot over the last decade. Today’s trends come and go at an exponential pace. The future is even more data-driven than the past. Social media platforms are quick to adjust their algorithms, keeping businesses on their toes and sometimes feeling like their strategies are nothing more than a guessing game.

It’s enough to make a Grumpy Cat out of any business owner. And if you get none of these meme references, don’t worry. Communicating with words is still a thing ’til at least the 2030s. 

As much as the numbers of social media matter, the humanness of it matters even more. The future…2022 and beyond…will be more visual and personalized. Authentic and relatable. Customers want to hear our real voices.

The YEAH YEAH Agency has a team of people who love social media. We love the numbers, the design, the words, and especially the jokes. So let us help you develop your business’s voice so that when it comes to managing your time you can…

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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