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Use your words.

Your company is a living thing. It’s independent from you, the owner or employee, kind of like your teenager keeping a five-pace minimum from you in Target.

Realizing a company is an independent and living thing means recognizing that it needs its own consistent and clear voice. Here are a few good reasons why your company’s voice matters:

  • It builds trust. Your customer knows that you mean what you say when you are able to say it clearly.
  • It builds connection. This is the YEAH YEAH Agency’s favorite reason: connection. A clear voice will attract your people to you, and those people will feel an emotional connection to your company. And because they feel like they know who you are, they are more likely to engage and reach out to you.

  • It increases revenue. Not to be tacky, but we are here to make money, right? Surveys show that all that trust and connection leads to more sales.

How do you find your voice?

Well, first of all, we can help. Defining and developing your voice is part of the Branding Kit that The YEAH YEAH Agency builds with you as our client. But there are a few things that you can do on your own to start down the right path.

1.Start by defining your values.

2. Consider your customer.

3. Consider what you “are not” as much as what you “are.”

Next, try this exercise. What celebrities might best exemplify your brand and values? And why? This might make more sense if you humor us for a moment.

Let’s show you what we mean.

Company: The YEAH YEAH Agency

What we value: Spreading happiness—which we believe comes through hard work, being our true selves, and taking advantage of the joys of communication in life. We love to laugh. Helping clients prosper. Eradicate boredom—worldwide!

Consider our customer: We seek to attract clients who want to inject a little joy into their communication. Gotta be willing to let stuffiness go, so we communicate that through our words and designs.

What we are, and aren’t: We are as trustworthy as we are silly. Which can be a lot. We love to be funny, but we are never mean. Humor doesn’t come at someone else’s expense.

YEAH YEAH’s Celebrities

Sinbad: You’re going to have to get into the way-back machine a little for this one but it is well worth the ride. Sinbad has a well-honed voice, earnest and energetic. He connects diverse audiences with his wide-appeal. Urban and suburban. Young and old. Lovers of track suits as much as business suits, both of which Sinbad himself can and does rock confidently.

Key descriptors for YEAH YEAH: Connection and style. And funny! See here.

Mindy Kaling: Mindy has been described as “bubbly and ambitious, with a bit of anxiety.” She’s also mind-bogglingly prolific, bold in her writing, and funny as hell. She titled one of her books Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Which is a question YEAH YEAH asks a lot, but mostly because we really hate to miss out on any and all fun.

Key descriptors for YEAH YEAH: Hard working and bold. And funny!


The verdict:

The YEAH YEAH Agency speaks in a voice that wants you to be confident that you are a valued friend and always invited to the party. YEAH YEAH is telling an inside joke, and YOU are totally in on it.

While there is much more to building a Brand Kit than finding your company’s voice, it really is an essential part of your company’s identity and success. We can take you through all the steps of building your brand. Contact us for more information.

Bonus: the jokes are free.

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