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Right now you’re mentalizing. Which is pretty amazing because, like, what the heck even is that?

UCLA professor of psychology Matthew Leiberman explains, “When we read fiction or watch a movie, we’re entering the minds of the characters—that’s mentalizing. As soon as you hear a good joke, you think, ‘Who can I tell this to and who can’t I tell?’…We always seem to be on the lookout for who else will find this helpful, amusing or interesting…We’re wired to want to share information with other people.”

This is good news! Every time a social media follower shares your content the algorithm takes note. It now knows to put your highly-shareable, absolutely on fire, decidedly stunning content in front of more eyes. Sharing causes exponential growth… 

So it’s time for you to get that audience mentalizing! 

And if you’re not sure how, we’ve got facts.

Shareable content comes in many different forms, but it usually has one or more of these characteristics: 






“Mentalizing” is most associated with the relatability of your content, because mentalizing is closely related to empathizing. Your follower may see themselves in your content, but they may also be seeing their best friend or family member. So if your follower “thinks” it’s relatable to someone else they are just as likely to share it.

Relatable content is something that you can identify with because you’ve experienced something similar. It might be…


A peek behind the curtain of your business



Definitely authentic

May or may not be sophomoric. To continue the “-ic” endings.

The best way to put it is this: Your audience sees themselves in the content, but until now wondered if they were the only one this ever happened to.

Need examples? Got ya covered. Here is some great relatable content to get your creative juices flowing for your own to share with the world.

YEAH YEAH’s very own Abbie has had experience with content going viral. Here’s one that we would characterize as fitting neatly in the “relatable” zone. Hundreds of thousands have viewed and thousands shared (so far).


Does this kind of thing happen to other people or…?

♬ original sound – Abbie

We’ve all been there right? You were mentalizing the experience before the TikTok even ended. The genius of Abbie’s post is that she revealed something authentic, emotional… and you can’t help but recall your own relatable experience and then want to comment. And then share.

Relatable content grows your accounts, and growing accounts attracts customers to you. 

That’s right, relatable content brings you business. So let us help you find your mentalizers! Er, customers!

Take your social media to the next level.

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