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Advanced Monthly Plan: Grow


This is the best social media management plan on the planet. Superior quality for an incredibly affordable price, the Advanced plan is your social media manager, communications advisor, marketing guru, and growth expert all rolled into one.

How it works:

> Great, relevant, dynamic content.

>>     Quality engagement with your online audience.

>>>          And diligent effort placed in attracting a larger, targeted audience.

^^These are the hallmarks of the Advanced plan.^^

We're convinced you will LOVE it.

With your Discovery Audit Report in hand we dig even deeper to find the essence of what makes your business unique and how we can help you stand out from the crowd. That clearly identified branding message becomes the foundation for working together to develop the strongest possible communications plan. We call this exercise "Advanced Brand and Voice Analysis" described on our Services page.

An unbeatable advantage to the Advanced plan is "Brand Accountability." Most branding exercises result in nothing but a report. We put in place accountability measures to always keep the brand at the forefront of all we post on behalf of your business. Unified messaging under a consistent brand makes for powerful communications to your target audience!

We manage social media posts on your chosen platforms with an eye on catchy content that drives engagement AND growth.

Engagement: Your audience wants value. They want to learn. They want you to address their needs. Each and every social post, meme, video, or link will be calculated to maximize your offerings to your customers and prospects. As our motto goes, "Laugh, Cry, Share, Buy." If your audience isn't reacting to your posts, you won't see results. We stay attuned to best practices, trends, and are constantly analyzing our work to maximize your influence.

Growth: The Advanced plan is also dedicated to increasing your audience on all of your social platforms. There are many ways to do this and it isn't easy. But clear communications combined with great planning and unique content is the ticket to raising your profile online.

Unlike the lower tiered plans, we are available on weekdays and weekends to service your needs and help with any questions/comments/concerns or ideas.

You will be updated weekly on the analytics and stats for your social platforms which will assist our strategic planning. We offer weekly planning sessions that are packed with great data to support the next week's plan. We hold brief agenda-focused meetings to respect your time and get the job done as efficiently as we can.

Campaign management is another effective offering where we can manage contests, promotions, sales, or advocacy campaigns to your audience. Campaigns can be incredibly effective to drive engagement and growth.

Need to reword 1,000 pages on your website but don't have the time to do it? Sign us up! With the Advanced plan, we are at your service to offer effective copywriting for your site. There is likely a typo somewhere or a dead link. Our editor eyes can catch them and turn outdated pages back into current and relevant information for the meandering website explorer who got there from a Google search.

Along with website copywriting, we will write and review copy for print advertisements, brochures, flyers, handouts, business cards, etc.

To tie it in a bow, it's good practice to survey your team and customers periodically to receive feedback on your business. They will be much more comfortable responding to a survey from the Yeah Yeah Agency than directly from you.

Dynamic content. Genuine engagement. An eye toward growth. The Advanced plan has it all. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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