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Basic Monthly Plan to Manage Your Social Media Needs


Need to keep up on social media without all the bells and whistles? If it’s important for you to have an online presence and want to shift the burden of keeping up to a social media expert, then this is the perfect plan for you. A great plan for sole proprietors!

How it works:

Choose the Basic plan if you are a sole proprietor or small shop that understands the importance of social media but does not want to get tied down with the time commitment necessary to maintain a strong online presence.

Have a picture or video you want to post? Taking the picture and video is one thing. Coming up with the written material is the next big job. To make it easy for you and ensure the biggest bang for the buck with each post, just share it with us and we write the title, copy, hashtags, etc. Whatever is needed to give your post the best possible look and feel for the message you want to convey.

Like the higher tiered plans, the Basic plan ensures your social media posts will have extra flare, making your business shine before your audience. You will have one less thing to think about.

Yeah Yeah meets with you once a month to develop the next month's social media calendar and then produces written content for your chosen platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.

With the Brand and Voice Analysis you were given in your Discovery Audit Report, Yeah Yeah will consistently ensure that all posts are written in your voice. Do you like to keep things super-serious or extra-playful? We get to know your business inside and out so that we can communicate in the most effective way possible.

Additionally, we will help you fully understand analytics on your social media sites and will give you a report monthly to show the state of your social media: what's working, what's not, and where to improve.

If you're interested in Yeah Yeah posting on your behalf, enhancing your brand and voice analysis, writing for your website or in print, and getting critical facts from team and customer surveys, consider upgrading to our Intermediate tier!

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

Plans and Pricing