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Intermediate Social Media Monthly Plan: Engage


Find it challenging to have a strong social media presence? Want a trusted advisor to manage your online communications and engage with your audience? If so, this is the plan for you. Your business gets a major boost with the Intermediate Engage plan on your website, social media, and additional content needs.

How it works:

Choose the Intermediate plan if your business needs support engaging with customers and prospects online while adding valuable content across the web. The plan is perfect if your business doesn't rely on social media growth to help your bottom line. If growth is important, consider upgrading to the Advanced plan.

With this plan, we build from your Discovery Audit Report by putting together a bold plan to implement the recommendations on your website and other social channels. We do a deeper dive on your Brand and Voice Analysis which ensures that all of our creative social media content pursuits showcase the absolute best in your business. This becomes the foundation for content creation and engaging with your audience through comments, messaging, and strategic tagging.

Once the social media strategy is in place, we can meet formally over a video call as often as every two weeks to review social media activity and plan future content in your social media calendar. We also keep an open line throughout the week in case anything comes up, whether it's sharing your idea for a new post idea, flagging an issue, or requesting guidance on any copywriting matter. We will share full social media analytics and stats so you always know where you stand – knowing what's working and where there is room for improvement.

At the Intermediate level, you get "campaign management" as well, which is another way of saying we can help you run a contest, promotion, or advocacy drive while maintaining your other social media needs.

We offer limited website and print copywriting services. This includes conducting one sweep through your website to improve content wording, scour for misspellings or grammatical fixes, and ensure that it all matches and enhances your brand. On the print side, we will work with you on one printed piece per month. That could be a print advertisement, a handout, or signage. As an additional service, we can step in for assistance on all your communications needs (see à la carte services for pricing).

Lastly, we will prepare and send surveys to your employees, stakeholders, and customers to get feedback on your workplace and/or products. Having surveys sent through a third party is a great way to get more candid answers. We will work closely with you to develop questions, send the survey to the best audience, and we tie it in a bow by analyzing the results.

All of this for $750 a month –– an amazing bargain when considering the cost of hiring a social media manager full time. And you get the experience of an agency that knows how it's done.

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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