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Podcast Single-Episode Production


Have an ambitious idea for a podcast episode and want the expertise of a communications agency to get it off the ground? The Yeah Yeah Agency is ready and willing to take on your idea and consult with you on everything needed to bring your episode before the audience that can’t wait to hear it. From idea to scripting to recording, publishing, and marketing on social media, Yeah Yeah is here to bring your great episode idea to fruition and reach your audience.

Included in the episode* production package:

  • Planning: We will walk through your idea to make sure your episode has all the essential elements to make it a hit.
  • Scripting: Whether you record your show off of an outline, bullet points, or a full-on script, we will help you develop it from start to finish.
  • Recording: Recording tips and tricks are in store to make sure gain levels are perfect and the sound is professional and clean.
  • Mixing: Don't worry as we do the hard work of mixing down your recording with the addition of the intro/outro, transitions, and advertisements. The finished product will sound great in the ears of your audience as they run, drive, or relax in their home.
  • Publishing: The audio content and quality might be top notch, but without a well-written headline, description, links, show notes and more, the audience may not click the play button. Yeah Yeah writes all of the content for you so you can rest easy.
  • Marketing: Last but not least, we will "brand" the episode and produce content you can share on social media to your existing audience. Our motto is "don't be boring." The social media posts will be attention-grabbing and result in more clicks and shares.

Order this episode production package to make your great podcast episode shine!

* "Episode" defined = Up to a 1 hour episode that can be spliced into a 2-part series. For longer episodes, pay $500 now and we will send a quote for the additional amount due, payable after work is completed. 

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