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Thinking of starting a podcast for your business? The easiest part is having the idea to start a podcast. Yeah Yeah provides the professional guidance to take it from idea to launch. To make your podcast successful beginning with the first episode, a lot of planning and work are involved. This podcast starter package is complete with every tool you will need to get your show off the ground, from securing a unique name to designing the cover art to creating a system that will make publishing episodes hassle-free.

Starting a new podcast is exciting. You have a great idea you're sure will attract an audience. There are a tremendous number of podcasts on the market (850,000 and 30 million episodes!). Truth is, it's easy to start a show but tough to make it successful. Hire the Yeah Yeah Agency to give your podcast the edge over all the others in your niche.

Included in the starter package is the following for an audio-only podcast:

  • Consultation to learn everything about your podcast idea.
  • Branding development to hone in on your unique voice, your target audience, and the overall message you want your show to convey.
  • We plan an ambitious timeline to get your show off the ground as quickly as possible.
  • Gear Guidance for which microphones, audio interface, software, and any mixing equipment desired for purchase (you make these purchases that can be made for as little as $250).
  • Graphic design for logo, cover art, episode art, and website.
  • If desired, we can make a podcast website landing page.
  • Social media account creation and strategy for engagement and growth.
  • Software tutorials on how to produce a show.
  • Long-term 12 month plan developed.
  • Production of first 3 podcast episodes (scripting, recording, mixing).
  • Setting up the show with a podcast host (similar to a web host for a website) of your choosing.
  • Creating website and social media marketing content for your first 3 episodes.

Engagement. Growth. Find success with our podcast startup plan. YEAH YEAH looks forward to serving you.

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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