Improve your business communications by first ordering the Discovery Audit Report, a recommendations plan to up your game.

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The audit’s purpose is to take business to the next level


What message are you conveying online through your website and social media channels?

How can you improve your communications to grow your business?

Enter the Discovery Audit Report.

Every business can use an outside-looking-in perspective. Lots of audits out there are nothing more than computer-generated algorithms. Yeah Yeah’s custom audit gets to the heart of your online communications.

The report provides a glimpse into how customers and prospects view your company, products and services. The report measures the effectiveness of your communications on a variety of factors using the tried and true letter grading scale (A through F).

Your social media audit will show:

  • How your messaging compares against the competition.
  • Dozens of recommendations on how to improve in all areas, like new social channels you may not be using.
  • Methods to engage with your audience in meaningful and creative ways.

“A report full of actionable recommendations and ideas. Worth it.”

    Learn more about the Discovery Audit Report here.

    “Packed with amazing ideas”

    “Our report was so informative and packed with amazing ideas for our full-service architecture firm, we would have paid at least $10,000 for it. Such great value.”

    Sam Kim

    Partner, Ambit Architecture Philadelphia, PA

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    NOTE: The plans below are for small local businesses and non-profits with up to $200K in annual revenue.

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