Abbie Feller

Director of Marketing

Brevity: Abbie is here to develop your company’s social media strategy from start to finish. Your company’s plan of attack requires real-time adjustments based on ever-changing social media trends. Abbie evaluates your business’s needs against those trends and converts that into the most effective plan for you. Abbie’s expertise includes brand development, design, online communication, as well as data and trend analysis.

Levity: Abbie is our resident horticulturist, watercolorist, speedreader, and travel lover. Her social media superpower is the ability to combine her internet prowess with lightning-quick analytical skills. She has promised to use her powers for good only, never evil (even though she could). Abbie’s hills to die on include the fact that dogs are better than people and that your landscaping is probably not up to her standards. And while she doesn’t hold it against you, she’d really like to help you fix it.

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Josh Rolph

Josh Rolph

Josh is here to help you communicate well …

Megan Newton

Megan Newton

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