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Brittany Rolph

Project Manager & Social Media Content Manager

Brevity: Brittany is here to expertly plan and execute your content campaign. She brings her superb analytical and creative skills to your company’s table and makes you look like a social media superstar in the process. Running a multi-platform campaign can be complex, but it’s no sweat for Brittany’s detail-driven brain.

Levity: Brittany has always thrived on a schedule, in her home life and in her work life. She has a love for due dates, often describing them as “concrete” much to the delight and confusion of her adoring teammates. Helping to run a team of imaginative and creative minds can be a task, but she makes it work and keeps it fun at the same time! Brittany’s hills to die on would include the undeniable charm of the color pink and the insistence that there are only two movie genres worth your time: musicals and Hallmark romances. Brittany resides in beautiful Bucks County, PA with her husband and her adorable son and daughter.

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Josh Rolph

Josh Rolph

Josh is here to help you communicate well …

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