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Josh Rolph

Owner & Founder of The YEAH YEAH Agency

Brevity: Josh is here to help you communicate well and to look really, really good. In his decades of experience working with businesses across California, Josh realized he had a knack for distilling clients’ complicated problems into easy-to-understand, and best of all, persuasive language. And he especially loved to use this super-power to make his clients look really good. These skills combined with a love for creative work of all kinds (music, writing, and design) led him to take the big leap and start his own business. Based on the idea that joy itself is a creation, Josh named his company something that wills positivity and fun right into being every time you say its name…. Welcome to The YEAH YEAH Agency! 

Levity: As nice a guy as Josh is, he certainly has some strong opinions, such as his love for taxi drivers over car sharing app drivers, his irritation with insincerity, and his strong allegiance to certain comedians, especially dead ones like Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, and even farther back: Miguel de Cervantes. He’s so committed to levity that his original idea for the company was to create nothing but funny advertisements. While the company hasn’t taken that turn yet, levity is his passion so you may see a comeback of his podcast one of these days. Josh is putting finishing touches on a book intended to make you “laugh inside lightly” and he will die on the hill of seeing that one through!

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