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Laurel O’Leary

Marketing Analyst

Brevity: Laurel is here to bring all your social media data to your doorstep. Social media management is a game of numbers. Laurel loves details. Her experience working with associations, coordinating statewide meetings, and the mounds of materials and data they create, means you are getting the best in accuracy, analysis and attention.

Levity: Laurel once replied “Who cares?” when her grandfather asked her a math question. Today, she loves numbers, spreadsheets and data. Great gifts come from stepping out of a comfort zone! Her hills to die on include the assertion that books are better than movies based on books, and that Lost was not a dream. She will not be taking questions at this time.

Our Team Members

Josh Rolph

Josh Rolph

Josh is here to help you communicate well …

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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