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Melissa McDonald

Head Writer & Creative Director

Brevity: Melissa is here to make sure your content is clear, concise, and never boring. She wants to help you develop your company’s voice and create an effective online presence.

Levity: Melissa’s writing career began in earnest when her 6th grade teacher called her writing assignment about a cat in space “imaginative!” and encouraged her to write more. After writing exclusively about cats in space for the remainder of the school year, Melissa begrudgingly broadened her sights to include a road that led all the way to social media management. Melissa’s hills to die on include the superiority of music from the 80s and the idea that all puns should be intended. Melissa resides in Rocklin, CA with her family and two entirely out-of-control puppies (who have never been to space).

Our Team Members

Josh Rolph

Josh Rolph

Josh is here to help you communicate well …

Take your social media to the next level.

Your desired tone. Customized plans. All social platforms. A burden lifted.

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